How To Quickly Pressure Wash Your Pool

How To Quickly Pressure Wash Your Pool

Do you own a pool or have you ever been in one? If yes then you are familiar with the common problem that faces all pools. Algae are fond of growing around the pool and you cannot forget the dirt and bacteria that build up.

It’s important to maintain the hygiene around the pool and one of the tools that help you do this is a pressure washer. Combined with the proper solutions it cleans your pool’s interior and surrounding surfaces. The pressure washer does a great job but without knowing the proper steps it might not work as well.

A pressure washer eases up the cleaning process and saves you time. To save more time you need to learn how to quickly wash your pool using a pressure washer. Here are reliable tips that will help you clean up your pool.

Empty Your Pool Leaving It Dry

Although you can clean up your pool without draining it, the most effective and quick way of cleaning it is by emptying it first. Draining the water helps you to see the dirt build-up and the algae. Drying it helps you sweep and remove loose debris which if not removed remains by the end of the washing.

Begin With Detergents

After you have cleared the debris and other lying around dirt then the next thing is to apply soap. Ensure you are thorough getting to every spot that you want to clean. After you have covered every part let the soap sit for a short while before pressure washing. Letting the detergent sit gives it a chance to perform its task well.

Choose the Right Nozzle

While waiting for the soap to settle in you need to choose the right nozzle. The nozzle you pick can either speed up the process or slow it down. Choosing a nozzle and the right pressure for the dirt you want to rid of will fasten the process. While picking a nozzle you would also want to consider the type of floor that your pool holds. Pick a nozzle that will not ruin your floor.

The Actual Washing

Preparation is always key and once you’re done you can move to the actual washing. You would want to begin with the inside walls of the pool. Put your pressure washer in high pressure and go round the pool cleaning the walls from the bottom up. Make sure you wash every spot thoroughly going through it as many times as possible.

The Final Touch

Set your pressure washer in low pressure to eliminate the detergent. Go through the pool and rinse the walls as you flash out the residual. With this, your pool is ready to go.

You should always put on protective clothes such as rubber boots. While pressure washing around the pool check what might be damaged by pressure washing. Begin by cleaning the deck around the pool then go on to pressure wash the surfaces around the pool.

Another way of quickly washing your pool is getting yourself a nice pressure washer. Visit Giraffe and buy a nice pressure washer that will help you clean your pool.