The Relationship Between CNC Machining And Robotic automation

The Relationship Between CNC Machining And Robotic automation

Robotic functions have grown immensely with the development of technology. In the near past, the concepts of robotic automations were very green and there was a whole debate on its success and impact in the market. The key challenge however was the production and the assembling of the Robots. Today, thanks to the cnc manufacturing robotics technology, Robotic automation has seen a great influence in the development of Robot parts such as the robot arm. In this article we will dig deeper into the significance of embracing robotic automations and the interaction s of CNC machining and robotic automations.

Significance of Robots

Robots are of great significance in our daily lives. In fact we can’t highlight all the sectors that the robot technology has transverse. However we will highlight some of the fields and the impacts;

Space exploration

Space journeys are very risky and not every place is safe on space for human survival. In this case robots are used to explore the space and give feedback to humans on earth. The robots are programmed in that they perform the same function man would perform.


Medicine being a very major sector as far as human life is concerned; many investments have been made to incorporate robots in the diagnosis and treatment process. Robots have been programmed to handle some of the most delicate procedures during diagnosis and surgery that the doctors considers very risky.


Manufacturing has been made very easy today. There is improved units of production and efficiency of workers. This is because the monotonous and repetitive functions such as packaging, assembling and lifting materials from one place to another are done by robots. Robots have also led to a reduction of manufacturing accidents to humans by handling the most risky processes.


Maybe you like agriculture but you are not for the huge hustle of the manual labor involved. The robots have saved the huge hustle for you. The robots programmed for harvesting, weeding and planting. The most famous one is the Ecorobotix for weeding. Robots have made agriculture easier and increased food security.

How does CNC machining relate with the robot technology?

CNC machining technology has significant relationship with robotic technology in the following capacities;

Robotic arm

The robot arm is a very significant part of a robot. The arms are used for lifting heavy commodities hence they are produced with a variety of heavy materials such as steel, aluminum among others. These materials are passed through the CNC machining process to achieve the right features.

End defector

An end defector is end of the robot arm, which interacts with products. This part is molded for variety of functions according to their purposes. Some are made to grab objects, holding etc.

Custom fixtures

The custom fixtures are developed in aid to the end defectors to hold the products as the robot works on them. The CNC machining technology creates these custom fixtures.

Controllers and sensors

The controller and sensory parts are made functional and produced through the CNC machining technology.


There is a great relationship between CNC machining and the robotic machining technology. The interactions highlighted above are just a few. With the information above, you can be able to understand the influence CNC machining has on Robots automations.