Is It Worth Choosing an Insulated Garage Door?

Is It Worth Choosing an Insulated Garage Door?

You are aware that the government requires a certain R-value for the ceiling of an attached garage, but there are other reasons to insulate and heat the space as well. And just because there aren't any rules for a detached garage doesn't mean there aren't any extra benefits.

Most people add proper insulation and heat to make themselves more comfortable. No one wants to work on a DIY project when it's too hot, humid, or cold. Also, that space heater might help, but it's a waste of energy because the heat just leaks through the walls.

In addition to making you feel better, the following six benefits of insulated garage doors might convince you that it's time to improve the insulation and maybe even the heat in your garage.

You Can Use For Other Activities

A garage is used for more than just keeping your car out of the rain and snow. Today, most of these spaces have gym equipment, play areas, project workshops, and other things. If the space is properly heated and insulated, you can use it for any activity, no matter the weather.

Less Heat and Cold Getting Through

Most homes with a garage attached have insulation and weather stripping on the front door. But these things don't help if it is very hot or very cold. Every time you open the door, these conditions get into your home. This makes your heating and cooling systems work harder to keep the temperature stable. If the garage is insulated, you won't have to fight against the heat or cold.

Provides The Right Temperature on Pipes and a Shared Roof

For homes with laundry rooms or plumbing that extends into the garage, additional insulation and heating are required. Frozen or broken pipes take time, are annoying, and can be messy and expensive to fix. Also, if there is a room above the garage, it will experience the same temperature swings as the area below. This means that it might be hard to sleep or keep the room at a comfortable temperature without spending more money on energy to keep the heat or cold from coming through the floor.

Insulation Keeps Your Things Safe

Extreme temperature changes and humidity can reduce the value of your holiday decorations and other items, whether you're storing them in the garage for safekeeping or showcasing them. Keeps You Away From Carbon Monoxide

Many cars have remote start systems now, and they are easy to use, even if you have small children in the house. If your walls don't have insulation, carbon monoxide that builds up in your garage can seep into your home and hurt your family's health.

Reduces Noise Transmission

Do you live in a neighborhood with close neighbors? If that's the case, your early morning work in the workshop or your teen's band practice can really bother people who live nearby. For one thing, you won't have to hear the noise of children playing or adults using lawnmowers and other tools if your garage is insulated.

The Bottom Line

Basically, a garage door is the fourth wall of the room. If you take the time to insulate the walls to the recommended standards and even add heat, but your garage door doesn't have any insulation, most of your work will be for nothing. The best solution is to have an insulated garage door.