Important Things a Person Must Know About Oil Pan

Important Things a Person Must Know About Oil Pan

Are you sure you are well aware of every engine part of your vehicle including the engine oil pan and its function? No matter how many skills you have there is always something left behind that you don't know? Similarly, you need to gather every type of information about an engine oil pan before taking any related step.

The bottom of the engine block is covered using a metal dish that is named an engine oil pan. It covers several responsibilities and the most important is to act as a storage place for oil before as well as after circulating in the various engine parts. If you still have doubts about oil pan then the given article will help you in this regard.

Understanding Oil Pan Working

A stainless-shaped metal is present beneath the engine and acts as a storage area for the oil when the engine is not running. The oil pan is designed in a deeper section so that it can perform its function efficiently and store the oil before or after its circulation through the engine parts.

The most amazing fact about an engine oil pan is that it is not only used for a single purpose but it has several jobs like it stops external dust from entering the engine. The hot lubricating oil is also cooled down by this oil pan.

The surface area is increased because of the cooling fins present in the oil pan. The oil is gauged with the help of a dipstick, the most important component of an oil pan. Moreover, cleaning, cooling and lubricating of the engine parts is always done with the oil present in the engine oil pan.

Oil Pan Components

Engine oil pan has fee components that have distinct functions. Their details are given below:


When the vehicle accelerates, due to the vibrations in the engine there is a great chance that the oil slosh around the pan. Because of this act, the oil will move far from the pickup point and the parts will not be able to get enough lubrication. This can cause several disturbances in the engine as it will be starved of oil.

A component named baffles is used along with the oil pan so that the oil don’t move out of the pan and all the parts are lubricated perfectly. There are several forms of baffles but all of them have a particular function and that is to prevent the motion of excessive oil out of the oil pan.


The internal combustion engine is equipped with a dipstick and its function includes the gauge of oil in the engine. The stick is dripped down into the engine oil pan and gauging is done by measuring the level of oil in the oil pan when the stick is removed. Now, technology has allowed us to take help from electronic sensors for measuring the level of oil.

Drain Plug

On the main body of the engine oil pan, a drain plug is present. The dirty oil is drained out of the oil pan with the help of this traded bolt. Whenever the plug is removed then the washer featured by the drain plug must be replaced. The removal of oil is easier when it is hot.

Windage Tray

To reduce the risk of oil splashing into the spinning crankshaft, a piece of metal sheet is used. This metal sheet is called a windage tray and it also comes in several forms. The removal of excess oil is done using this essential part of the engine oil pan.

Wise Words

The engine oil pan is considered one of the most important parts of a vehicle's engine that is ignored a lot. We need to have every little detail about the engine oil pan, its component, function and most importantly the reasons why it leaks. All this information will let you become an oil pan professional.