Different Packing Machines KEEPTOP Packaging Offers

Different Packing Machines KEEPTOP Packaging Offers

A smooth, even plastic wrap around a newly bought product creates a sense of newness. However, the sensation annihilates when you see that the packaging of your purchase is broken. Everyone likes perfectly packaged and tagged products, be it a box of your favorite potato chips or a wholesale pack of dishwashing soaps. Despite the everyday use of plastic packaging, the behind the scene actions remain a mystery.

Packaging industries use unique kinds of machines to ensure uniform and reliable product packaging. Of course, uniformity would be impossible if they had a human workforce. Numerous vendors worldwide have a reputation for constructing packaging machines, and KEEPTOP(https://www.keeptoppackaging.com/) is one of them.

Top Packaging Machines Keeptop Manufacturers

Packaging machines perform various tasks, from sealing to distributing the products into specific categories. However, there is no rock-solid classification metric for distinguishing packaging machines. But they do have some specificity in their packaging mechanisms.

Shrink Bundling

The shrink bundling machines go by water bottling machines as well. They create plastic cuffs around the products for convenient handling and transportation. These machines are ideal for packaging heavier products like cartons, bundles of mineral water, beverages, and other liquid-containing bottles. You can also use them to pack flat furniture items.

Experts recommend thick packaging film in these machines as they wrap heavier products. They are compatible with single-wound shrink sheets, but PE sheets are a preference.

Case Erecters

Case erecter machines are primarily used in warehouses where you have to deal with carton packing and unpacking rather than plastic wrapping. These machines can do everything from opening a corrugated box to taping its bottom, folding the corners, and then sending the packages down through the conveyor belts.

Investing in case erecters is an intelligent decision as they can automate your packing section and don't require human intervention. On average, these devices can output up to 18 cases per minute; pairing them with compatible case packers and sealers will develop a next-level packaging line.

H-shaped Case Sealer

Case sealers are often paired with case erectors to produce an effective packaging unit. However, some facility owners also use them independently. The H-shaped case sealers from KEEPTOP can quickly seal the erected cartons inputted manually or via case erecters.

First, the carton moves to the sealing unit through the conveyer belt. Then the case sealers appear, sealing the sides, top, and bottom of corrugated boxes. The semi-automatic case sealers come in two different models, the DES-F7050S and DES-F5050, and both have their ideal use cases.

Automatic Side Sealers

As the name specifies, the side sealing machines comprise a side sealing and a heat shrink tunnel which houses the sealing tape. On average, these machines provide a speed of packing 60 packages per minute. Therefore, they make an excellent choice for large-scale warehouses and packaging units.

These machines are easy to operate and require no technical training for operation. Moreover, they also incorporate OMRON temperature controllers to ensure the products don't get damaged during packing. Furthermore, you can adjust the sealing blade's temperature if some delicate product packaging is in motion.

The Bottom Line

Sheet packaging is the most common thing users encounter daily, yet so much goes behind the curtain. Production units and industries require high-end packing machines to ensure uniform packaging and maintain productivity. However, choosing a reliable vendor may take some work with all the market alternatives.

Here is a quick overview of some packaging machines you can find at KEEPTOP. However, if you are interested in viewing the entire product range, you are welcome to visit their website!